Pharmacy Technician Registration
(not yet licensed)

Application for Registration and Licensure as a Pharmacy Technician (click here)  For applicants who have studied in Canada (Path 2) or worked in the field of pharmacy (Path 1) and are not licensed to practise as a pharmacy technician in any jurisdiction.

Standard processing time for applications is 14 days from the date all parts of the application package are received by the College in the required format.

Please note:  
Path 1 Current pharmacy assistants (Not enrolled in or have graduated from an accredited pharmacy technician program)

Path 1 applicants will have until December 31, 2019 to pursue registration and licensure. After the deadline has passed, current assistants wishing to become registered pharmacy technicians will be required to pursue licensure through Path 2.

Pharmacy Technician - First year licensure:

If between November 1st of the previous year and November 30th of the current year you:

  • Spent 15 hours or more completing your Structured Practical Training manual and,
  • became a licensed Pharmacy Technician

You are deemed to have met the continuing education (CE) requirement for the renewal period (November 1, to November 30) for the coming year only.  (e.g., if you began the training manual in December, 2018 and a pharmacy technician licence is obtained in July, 2019 then during the renewal process for the year 2020, you are deemed to have met the continuing education requirement).  Every year thereafter, please refer to the continuous professional development requirements [LINK]