Annual Licence Renewal  

To maintain annual licensure, Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians must provide evidence of  continuous professional development, , maintain Personal Professional Liability Insurance  and acknowledge their personal duties under the provision of the New Brunswick Pharmacy Act and Regulations, including the Standards of Practice, Guidelines and Policies of the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists.  To be granted licensure on a direct client care register, registrants must also certify to have the required number of hours working in a direct client care setting and posses current certification in First Aid and CPR level C. 

Each year, all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must apply for licence renewal for the coming year.  Pharmacy managers must also renew the certificate of operation of the pharmacy.  Renewal applications must be processed, and payment received by the College, no later than November 30th.   An additional late payment fee will be applied after November 30th as per Regulation 7.2(2)

Renewal:  5 Things to Know  

Active members may be registered in a  Direct Client Care  Register or  Non-direct Client Care  Register.

Active Direct Client Care

Members on this register provide patient care. A member is required to actively practice in a direct client care setting for at least 400 hours in the previous 2 year period (current registration year and immediately previous registration year). Members also must maintain valid certification in First Aid & CPR that is equivalent to Red Cross Emergency First Aid & CPR Level C.

Members who provide information related to drug use as part of their usual workday, but who do not provide care to patients directly while practicing the profession, would be eligible to be enrolled on the Direct Client Care register.

Active Non-Direct Client Care Register

Members on these registers do not provide any direct care to a patient. They may be involved in support services for the provision of client care (e.g. computer support, inventory control, administrative supervisory role) but do not provide direct client care. Members may work for, or provide services to, other health care providers, third party providers, government liaison, regulatory affairs, etc. 

Returning to Active practice on the Direct Client Care Register? Know the requirements [ LINK]

Expanded scope of practice for pharmacists

Pharmacists are highly trained, educated and trusted health care professionals. New Brunswick pharmacists are playing an increasingly important role in the delivery of health care services. Pharmacists may :

Pharmacy Technicians

Regulating the role of a Pharmacy Technician is one of the key changes that emerged from the Pharmacy Act that was proclaimed in July, 2014. Standardizing education, scope of practice, role definition and legal responsibility of regulated pharmacy technicians are important components of the growth process of the pharmacy profession and ensures the profession is practiced safely by qualified individuals. This new professional designation allows Pharmacy Technicians to take on a greater role in the dispensing process in the pharmacy. This is outlined in Regulation 20.6.

New Brunswick Pharmacy Awards

We are proud to recognize the accomplishments and dedication of the members of the pharmacy profession in New Brunswick with the  New Brunswick Pharmacy Awards Please click here for award details and for the nomination form.