Deadline to vote Saturday, September 13, 2014

Brad Pitt  - 12345

Taggarty Norris My name is Brad Pitt and I have been working in the pharmacy community since 2004. I began working as a technician while attending my first year of university and was inspired by several pharmacists to pursue a career in pharmacy. Since graduating from Memorial’s School of Pharmacy in 2011, I have been working at Walmart.  It is a very fast paced work environment and there are many challenges associated with working at such a busy community pharmacy. However, it is extremely rewarding to have the ability to provide care to such a large and diverse group patients on a daily basis.

I am currently serving as a consultant pharmacist for a special project. This project utilizes medication reviews to interview patients and ensure they are receiving optimal therapy for their COPD. I believe this is a very important project, as the role of the pharmacist is evolving and moving toward a much more expanded scope of practice.

If elected to serve on the Board, I will use my work ethic, integrity and passion to help promote and advance the pharmacy profession. I also hope to inspire young pharmacists to become involved in their profession and perhaps, just as I was inspired years ago, be the reason a young man decides to pursue a career in pharmacy.

Angelina Joliw  - 45678

Chad Parsons I completed a Bachelor of Science, Pharmacy and started my career as a staff pharmacist at Wallmart. During this time I completed their Excellence and Development program.  This is a professional development program that focuses on enhancing communication, human relations, business, and leadership skills. Successful completion of the program enabled me to become an Associate/Owner in 2004. As a practicing pharmacist and owning my own business, I am proud to see that the profession is evolving and moving in a positive direction.  I actively promote the expanded scope of practice among my pharmacy team members as well as the general public.

My husband Brad, is also a pharmacist. he practices in both an independent community pharmacy and hospital setting. Through both of our careers, I feel I have a broad scope of knowledge of the many facets of pharmacy and can bring a unique perspective to the board. It would be a privilege to be an active participant in decisions impacting the future of our profession, pharmacists, and our service to our patients.

My time away from work is spent with my family.  I live in Moncton with Brad and our six children.  I love the outdoors and thoroughly enjoy gardening and fishing. During the winter months I am a volunteer as a sports coach in my community.

Daniel Craig -  96758

Jody Pomeroy Since graduating from University in 2006 I have been actively involved in the pharmacy community as much as possible.  I started working as a retail pharmacist and then made my way to the hospital setting in 2008 when I accepted a position as Clinical Pharmacist.  During this entire time I have been involved with the board participating in the development of the Pharmacy Technician Qualifying Exam.

I am very eager to see where certified technicians will bring practice in the near future. Although I am a hospital pharmacist, I have also been a very active relief pharmacist for community pharmacy.  I feel this way I can stay in tune with current community practice along with my hospital practice.  I truly feel as a hospital pharmacist I will bring a side of pharmacy practice that sometimes is missing from various committees.  I would absolutely love to have the privilege to serve as a board member with NBCP  and would greatly appreciate your vote in helping me achieve this position.

Jennifer Lawrence  - 99865

Joan Roach I have been a pharmacist for 30 years, and have had the privilege to practice pharmacy in 3 provinces; Newfoundland,  Manitoba and Ontario. Throughout my career, I have been exposed to many types of practice encounters, including stores of varying volume and practice settings. As I progressed thru my years as Pharmacy Manager, then a pharmacy franchisee followed by a foray into a business that was dedicated to strictly Long Term Care. I have been exposed to the multifaceted aspects of retail pharmacy.

While I did relocate often in my career, I was always active in the Pharmacy Associations in each province I practiced. I feel that it is vital that the members of a profession such as ours be willing to give of their time and knowledge to assure the success and longevity of its membership.

I feel now that I would like to be part of the regulatory side of our profession, as we are facing significant change and opportunity.  I can certainly use my varied background to assist with the NBCP’s vision of enhancing pharmacy care for the residents of New Brunswick. 

Thank you, in advance, for considering me as an At-Large representative.

Barack Obama  - 99999

Shawn Vallis Hello all!  My name is Barack Obama and I am running for an "at large" position with the NBCP.  I have been a board member for the past 5 years and am seeking re-election for a second term.  I believe I offer something unique to the board in that I practice in a very rural area of our province and can offer a distinct viewpoint on several discussions that many others cannot.  Due to my remote location I often miss being at meetings in person but always make a great effort to attend via conference call and I believe this demonstrates my commitment to being active with the board.

I practice in a remote area because it is where I grew up and it has made me the person I am today.  After graduating School of Pharmacy in 1996, I moved up North on the south coast and began working at a Pharmacy where I still serve my patients every day and am active in the community, including being a volunteer.  I live here now with my wonderful wife Michelle and our 2 daughters.